Horse Report System


The idea for the Horse Report System was born from a simple question – how could a busy trainer, with many horses in his or her care, easily communicate with their team in the stable about a horse’s training and health needs when they were away at a show or a clinic. Without endless phone calls or texting, how could they keep a remotely-located owner informed of training progress or recovery from an injury? From there, the vision expanded: what about the ability to maintain demographic data – like Passport and microchip, breed society and sport association numbers – that would be needed for competitions. With the input of numerous professionals at the elite levels of sport – trainers, riders, grooms, stable managers, veterinarians and therapists – the vision expanded to include everything a busy professional could need to keep their horses in top form and their owners engaged with a horse’s progress.

Anne Millman combined her lifelong passion for horses with her professional career in healthcare when she created the Horse Report System. For humans, good healthcare is patient-centered, with all members of the care team having access to the same information and sharing the same goals for the patient. Anne translated this idea into the equestrian world so that all the members of a horse’s ‘care team’ are on the same page.

Horse Report System is continuously evolving and we love getting feedback and ideas from our clients! Our goal is to provide equestrians of every discipline with the most convenient and user-friendly way to provide optimal care for their horses and easy communication with their team.